TUESDAY MAY 14th   |   11:00AM PT

Email 🤝 SMS:

The multi-channel approach for driving conversions, engagement & loyalty

Founder & CIO,

Jimmy Kim

Orzy Media

Founder & Owner,

Chris Orzechowski

Say goodbye to discounts and hello to personalized,
high-converting messages that resonate with your audience

Join us on May 14th at 11:00 am PT for an exclusive webinar featuring Chris Orzechowski, Founder of Orzy Media, and Jimmy Kim, Founder & CIO at Sendlane. Learn retention marketing tactics, winning brand strategies, and actionable insights to help you unlock the full potential of your email & SMS marketing efforts.

Ditch the discounts

Nail your personalization and send high-converting messages without relying on discounts to seal the deal.

Learn from real, winning DTC brands

Get the new-age tactics working for hundreds of brands on the daily.

Unify your messaging

Learn how to drive multi-channel revenue through cohesive experiences via email and SMS.