What the Apple iOS 15 Update Means for Email Marketing & How to Prepare

Hosted by:
Christina Bobadilla
Product Marketing Manager

By now, we've all heard the news; iOS 15 is going to completely change the way KPIs for engagement in email marketing are perceived. Opens are gone. The earth is falling. Email marketing is dead... But before we get too dramatic, let's first dive into what you, as a digital marketer, can expect from this update and tactics you can use to prepare and adapt!


Here's what you'll learn in this webinar:

How to evolve your email marketing strategy

How to leverage the first-party data you do have control over

Six easy-to-implement tactics to quickly adapt your strategy

The six strategies you need to keep your email marketing efforts trending upwards from segmentation, and testing, to new ways to set KPIs.

Technology is ever-evolving, so should your marketing strategy! Use our tips to keep your marketing efforts in-line with new privacy changes and regulations.

Email gives you the power to reach your audience in an organic way. Learn how to put your data to work for you to increase engagement and sales.

Ready to launch your next revenue-generating email?

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